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Do Environmentally Sustainable Activities Make You A More Appealing Employer? You Make The Call


A recent survey found employees seek employers helping the environment. What do you think? Read more...


Return-To-Work Risks For Public Employers Continue

Written exclusively for My Community Workplace for Government


If an employee can perform the essential functions of their job safely, they should be allowed to work. We examine. Read more...


Ask Leslie: Is Misgendering Illegal Discrimination?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. if misgendering is illegal discrimination. Learn why. Read more...


Ask Jack: What Do I Need To Know About Malware Delivery Beyond Phishing?

Jack explains why you need to let employees know malware can originate from a lot of places other than their in-boxes.

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Ask Jack: Is Deep Fake Voice Tech A Data Risk For Employers?

Deep fake voice scams are hitting families. Jack explains how it is just a matter of time before scammers turn their attention to employers.

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Ask Jack: Do Former Employees Present A Risk To My Data?

Jack addresses a concern about former employees and data security.

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Ask Jack: Beyond Writing Malware, What Other Risks Does AI Present For Internet Security?

What else can AI do to keep us awake at night? Jack explains why you may want to add more characters to your passwords.

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