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Does Employee Procrastination Create Anxiety? You Make The Call


Experts say procrastination may be a symptom of work anxiety. Does procrastination cause anxiety? You make the call and join the conversation. Read more...


Municipalities Are Prohibiting Height And Weight Discrimination

Written exclusively for My Community Workplace for Government


New laws are adding characteristics protected from discrimination. What are the next steps for public employers? Read more...


Ask Emily: Can You Ban Employees From Talking About Wages?

Emily Brodzinski

An employer asks Emily Brodzinski, Esq. whether employees can be told not to discuss their pay rates with each other. Read more...


Ask Jack: Does Personal Email Use Create A Cyber Risk At Work?

If employees are using personal email addresses at work, does that create a risk to your organization's data? Jack thinks so and explains.

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Ask Jack: Can Trusted Agents And Contractors Play An Unknowing Part In E-Mail Compromise Attacks?

Are internal breaches the main concern for email compromise attacks? Jack explains why such attacks go beyond office walls.

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Ask Jack: Can Dating Scams Cross Over Into The Workplace?

Scammers are using dating apps to scam money from people looking for love. How can that creep over to employers? Learn why the leap is pretty easy.

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How Discord And Other Gaming Platforms Are Used To Groom Minor Targets

Reporters found 35 cases of individuals prosecuted for kidnapping, grooming, or sexually assaulting children, allegedly involving communications on Discord. We examine.

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