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Ask Leslie: What Is The EEOC's Proposed Updated Guidance On Discrimination And Harassment All About?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. about the EEOC's proposed updated guidance on workplace discrimination and harassment. Read more...


RiskTrends™ Trusted Insight Podcast: $27 Million Peer-To-Peer Bullying Settlement


McCalmon attorneys discuss a $27M settlement in a wrongful death case in which a young teen was tragically killed by classmates at school. Read more...


Oversight And Redundancy: Important For Preventing Lont-Term Fraud


A million-dollar theft continued for years before being discovered by a family business. Learn about the risk. Read more...


Is An Organization-Wide Shutdown A Smart Response To Cyber Threats?

The University of Michigan shut down internet access in response to a cyber incident. We examine why isolating an infected network is the first step to recovery.

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Weak Passwords Allow Cybercriminals To Go Through The "Front Door"

Employers must stress good password practices to minimize breach risks. We examine why reusing passwords is a risky practice.

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Ask Jack: Can We Assume AI Searches Are Safe?

More and more employees are using AI chatbots to do research, but are they safe? Jack responds.

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Ask Jack: Ethical Hiring Sets The Tone For IT Security

An employer reveals a recruiting scandal within its IT department. Jack explains why seeking the "ethically grounded" over the "ethically challenged" is an IT priority.

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