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RiskTrends™ Podcast: Impact Of The Newly Released EEOC Harassment Guidance On Employers


In a new podcast, McCalmon attorneys breakdown the new EEOC harassment guidance, issued April 29, 2024. Read more...


The Fourth Amendment And Post-Arrest Care Of Arrestees


A police and sheriff department are sued for a broken neck of an arrestee. What does the Fourth Amendment require regarding arrestees and post-arrest care? Read more...


Do You Give Effective Feedback? You Make The Call


Eighty percent of employees, who say they receive meaningful feedback, are fully engaged. Do you give effective feedback? You make the call and join the conversation. Read more...


Cybercriminals: Now Targeting Apple Users

Apple devices are emerging as a new target for cybercriminals who are using proven social engineering tricks. What steps can users take to limit their risk?

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Ask Jack: Why Shouldn't I Use My Work Computer For Online Games?

Kids like to game on any device. Work devices are no exception. Jack explains why games should not be played on work devices.

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Cybercriminals Are Using Booking.Com Refund Ploy As Bait

Everyone likes a refund, cybercriminals know this, so they are using this tactic to spread malware. We examine ways to minimize your risk.

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Ask Jack: Is AI A Threat. . . Now?

For months, experts have predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will change the cyber defense landscape. Jack details a report that states it is now here.

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