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Government Workers Targeted For Malware: Why Employee Training Is Important For Prevention

Written exclusively for My Community Workplace for Government


A county government works to recover from a malware attack. Correcting employee behavior is your best defense. We offer some online best practices. Read more...


Ask Jack: How Do I Address Customers Who Won't Wear A Mask?

Jack McCalmon

Jack McCalmon helps a store owner navigate customer objections regarding wearing a mask, including techniques for defusing conflict. Read more...


How Many Of Your Emails Go To The Trash? You Make The Call


Employees are suffering from email overload that causes them to miss out on important messages. How many of your communications are left in the trash folder? You make the call. Read more...


Check File Extensions To Help Prevent Malware Infections

Microsoft users should change their defaults, and all users should check extensions before downloading a file. We examine.

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Working Remotely Increases Cybersecurity Risks On All Fronts

Extensive cybersecurity training for all employees, with additional training for remote workers, can help reduce cyber risks. We examine how remote work environments increase risk.

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Network Segmentation And Training: Leadership Is Important For Preventing Breaches

A mistake by senior leadership leads to ransomware and payment of half a million dollars. We examine what steps organizations can take to prevent the same mistake. ?

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Cross-Over Of Personal And Work Passwords Continues To Put All Employers At Risk

Too many continue to reuse personal passwords for work accounts. We examine the risk.

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