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Helping Curb The Isolation Of Vulnerable Adults During COVID-19


Isolation is vital for protecting the physical health of residents, but preserving mental health is another challenging goal. Read more...


If Job Candidates Lie To You, Do You Care? You Make The Call


One survey shows nearly all job applicants surveyed lied on their resume. How much deception are companies willing to tolerate? You make the call and join the conversation. Read more...


Ask Leslie: How Can I Let My Employees Know About Policy Changes?

Leslie Zieren

A small employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. about how to best let her employees know about policy changes. Learn some tips. Read more...


Chrome Malware Extension Campaign Discovered: What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Malware is lurking on many browser extensions. Read how to find it and prevent it.

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Check File Extensions To Help Prevent Malware Infections

Microsoft users should change their defaults, and all users should check extensions before downloading a file. We examine.

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Working Remotely Increases Cybersecurity Risks On All Fronts

Extensive cybersecurity training for all employees, with additional training for remote workers, can help reduce cyber risks. We examine how remote work environments increase risk.

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Network Segmentation And Training: Leadership Is Important For Preventing Breaches

A mistake by senior leadership leads to ransomware and payment of half a million dollars. We examine what steps organizations can take to prevent the same mistake. ?

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