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What Is "Reasonable" Is Often The Excessive Fee Litigation Focal Point


401(k) plan participants allege a plan sponsor limited their investment options by choosing underperforming investments and charging excessive fees. Learn about the risk. Read more...


Are Some Of Your Employees Unsure About Getting Vaccinated? You Make The Call


Are some of your employees uncertain about getting the COVID-19 vaccine? You make the call. Read more...


Ask Leslie: Can An Employer Ask Employees If They Are Vaccinated?

Leslie Zieren

An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. if she can require an employee to reveal their vaccination status. Read more...


Remote Access Software And Network Segmentation: A Problem And A Solution?

Cybersecurity experts note the many benefits of network segmentation, but organizations have been slow to implement it. We examine.

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Tax Season Is Here And So Are Taxpayer Cyber Scams

Every year hackers take advantage of the stress of filing taxes to target victims, including employers, with phishing scams. Learn more.

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Multi-Factor Authentication: Does It Help Protect Your Data?

SonicWall, Inc. says hackers breached its system security software and is working on a fix. Learn about multi-factor authentication.

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How Fast Can A Cybercriminal Crack Your Password?

New research on 2020's most popular passwords shows that a large majority can be hacked in less than a second. This is yet another reason why password security should be a top priority.

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