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Recognizing A Hostile Work Environment Is The First Step To Ending It

Written exclusively for My Community Workplace for Government


An officer sues the city and alleges a long-standing environment of discrimination against women. Read steps to keeping a male-dominated workplace free from discrimination. Read more...


Ask Leslie: Do I Really Need A Cyber Defense Strategy?

Leslie Zieren

A small employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. if a cyber defense strategy is really necessary. Read more...


Quality And Value Misrepresentation Create Shareholder Derivative Trap


Private prison company settles a shareholder suit, in which it is alleged it illegally inflated its stock prices by misrepresenting the value and quality of its services. Read more...


Scam Or Legit: Would You Be Able To Tell The Difference?

The FTC warns people to be alert to scammers posing as government agents and asks for help in communicating the risk to others. We offer further steps for employees to use to avoid becoming victims.

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So Where Is All The Malware Hidden On Your System?

Cybercriminals are using new technology and techniques to evade detection. Learn more about how malware is hidden from antivirus software.

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Are You Practicing Webcam Security?

Hackers can access a webcam and it could simply be on without your knowing. Read tips for staying safe around devices with cameras.

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Why Your Organization Needs A Security Breach Notification Plan

All states have laws requiring organizations to notify individuals whose personal data is hacked. Learn more about why.

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